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We depend upon your promises of support. Your response to our Pledge Drives determine our ability to continue broadcasting in 2006.  Praise! 89.5 fm is a faith ministry.

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More than music, itís a mission
Praise 89.5 fm is a mission to the families of the The Miami Valley.
22 years ago the station was dedicated to Godís glory, with the idea that if you made Christian radio exciting and fun, you would be able to communicate Christ to families that never before listened to religious radio, and often never went to church.

Over the years, thousands of hearts have been impacted for Christ as the station has endeavored to stay committed to Christ and culturally relevant. Praise! 89.5 fm reaches beyond the walls of your church and goes into the homes of the people who have never opened your sanctuary door. Every week, Praise! 89.5 fm now reaches more homes than all our area churches combined. Soon through Internet radio and missionary projects, the station will reach beyond our community to listeners around the world.

Praise! 89.5 fm is, and has always been, a public radio station. We are a not for profit faith mission, and our support comes from the generosity of listeners and underwriters.

Our Pledge Drives and Your Personal Donations are critical to our continued existence. We simply canít operate without the support of friends like you. I hope youíll consider playing a role.

We hope God may speak to your heart about becoming a Praise 89.5 fm FM supporter, or renewing your support for the year ahead.
Letters from Listeners...

Recently someone very dear to me came to Christ, and listening to Praise 89.5 fm was a big part of her life change. I have often heard others say it, but now I personally have experienced the way Praise 89.5 fm affects unsaved listeners. I want to support the station in a greater wayÖ.

I used to start my day listening to dirty jokes, suggestive songs, and depressing news on other stations. Now, every day Praise 89.5 fm starts my day off in an upbeat way with my heart focused on my faith. I canít believe the difference!

It seemed like our family had been completely destroyed. I was in deep despair, and could not bring myself to talk to God. One afternoon I turned my radio on just to avoid the silence, and a song came on the radio that hit me between the eyes. It was as if it was exactly written for me. I could not believe what I was hearing. I began to cry, because I knew God was talking to me, even when I would not talk to him. God did a miracle in my life that day, and I will never be the same. He has now done a miracle in my family too. Thank God for Praise 89.5

I wanted to send something to support . As a student, I canít give much. But Iím the only Christian in my home (mom and my stepfather both have a lot of problems) and you guys are the only ďchurchĒ my family ever is around. Thanks for being there for me. I need your station.

It blesses me so much to see the station reaching all around the world. Who would have imagined God would grow ďmyĒ Praise 89.5 fm into touching so many lives. Because I work in a ministry, I get to hear scores and scores of people tell about how much Praise 89.5 fm  also means to them.

 The power of the Holy Spirit is so evident in Praise 89.5 fm's ministry. Often I just close my eyes and let the Lord refresh me as I listen. I suspect that great spiritual warfare is going on just by having your signal saturating our area.

Once again, Praise 89.5 fm has shown our area what it is to SERVE the community. By bring Chris Tomlin to the MetroPark in 2005 and making it a free concert.  Praise 89,5 fm showed that the Christian Spirit is alive and well in the Miami Valley by bringing 10,000 of us together.

You can support one day of great Praise & Worship Programming for as little as $135.00 a day.  One week for $1,000 or one month for $4000.